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Book by Tommy Newman and Mando Alvarado
Lyrics by Tommy Newman and Jaime Lozano
Music by Jaime Lozano and Tommy Newman

In this new musical based on "The Wizard of Oz," Dora feels like she’s caught between two worlds: on one hand, she is expected to embrace the Latino family traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, but she also wants to be a contemporary American teenager. Dora can’t figure out where she fits in, and she longs for a place where she can forge her own identity.


On the eve of her quinceañera, a mysterious woman disrupts Dora’s fifteenth birthday fiesta to foretell a journey of discovery that will take her far from home. Sure enough, a gran tornado carries Dora (and her little dog, too) to a magical world filled with munchkins and a wicked bruja who’ll stop at nothing to steal Dora’s ruby zapatillas.  Dora meets three friends, each from a different Latin culture, while traveling on the amarillo brick road en route to the Emerald City. She seeks the only person who can help her return to the world she knows… the superstar who has all the answers: the Wizard of Oz – la Maga de Oz.


Click your heels together tres veces, sing along with all-new songs written in contemporary Latin musical styles, and discover along with Dora the power of embracing multiple cultures and the true meaning of “home.”

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