By Tommy Newman and Mark Allen






In 1964, a country blacksmith shop in the fictional farming community of Tinyard Hill, Georgia is the last remnant of a Pioneer South. With change on the horizon and the looming idea of the Vietnam Conflict, the world feels so big to young David Kingsley.


David and his father, Russell Kingsley, run the local blacksmith shop as a historic “pioneer” attraction just off of a rural highway. Desperate to save their two hundred year old blacksmith shop from becoming a theme-park illustration of their heritage, David Kingsley tries to help his father breathe new life to the old business.


Meanwhile, their fiery-tempered, pie-baking neighbor, May Whitehead, is hosting her affianced niece from New York City.  Much to May’s concern, Aileen, a peculiarly inquisitive and sheltered girl, finds David dangerously intriguing. As a summer romance blossoms, the Vietnam Conflict heightens, a desperate conspiracy is formed, and Tinyard Hill emerges amidst a world that has grown too large to ignore, in this touching story about big love and small-town dreams. 



Chris Critelli, James Moye, Allison Briner, and Melissa Wolfklain

© 2015 by Tommy Newman

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