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In 1964, David and his father, Russell Kingsley, run the local blacksmith shop as a historic “pioneer” attraction just off of a rural highway. Desperate to save their two hundred year old blacksmith shop from becoming a theme-park illustration of their heritage, David Kingsley tries to help his father breathe new life to the old business.


Meanwhile, their fiery-tempered, pie-baking neighbor, May Whitehead, is hosting her affianced niece from New York City.  Much to May’s concern, Aileen finds David dangerously intriguing. As a summer romance blossoms, the Vietnam Conflict heightens, and a desperate conspiracy is formed. Tinyard Hill emerges amidst a world that has grown too large to ignore, in this touching story about big love and small-town dreams. 


Tommy Newman and Mark Allen


Chris Critelli, James Moye, Allison Briner,

and Melissa Wolfklain

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