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Book by Tommy Newman and Jessica Mazaheri

Music and Lyrics by Tommy Newman

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Jenny marries a vampire (Zoltan) on a hillside in Romania when she is twenty— but she doesn't realize what an eternal jerk he is. When she discovers she’s pregnant, she runs away to start a new life in suburban California. Now it’s sixteen years later, and her past has come back to bite her in the neck when her ex-husband returns for his daughter (Olivia). Meanwhile, Jenny's boyfriend (Jonathan) is trying to step up as a potential husband and father, and Olivia is growing into her power as a half-blood. Cue the vampire apocalypse as Jenny fights to keep the forces of darkness from taking root in her daughter and in the city.


It is our hope that audiences will see this is a story about family, identity, and navigating who you are in a world that loves to pull out the pitchforks when someone is different. And the things that make us different are also the very things that make us powerful. We hope people can connect in an honest way with this imperfect, blended family, and that they will see themselves reflected in these metaphorical, magical circumstances.

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Tyler McClellan, Colton Suttles, Caleb Quick,

Jacob Brooks, Chris Ahlf, Gracie Grant, Kate Simechak, Riley Turberville, and Damian Bowden

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